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If you search for house painting Sudbury MA you will find JK Painting Service Corp. a professional house painting company that services Sudbury MA. JK Painting Services Corp. is a house painter based in Waltham, MA that specializes in exterior and interior house painting services. Based in Waltham, MA, JK Painting Services welcomes an opportunity to help make your home painting project a reality. Our knowledge, professionalism and experience allow us to meet our clients’ needs on every home painting project. We pride ourselves on the quality of our workmanship and our prompt professionalism — our customers come back to us time and time again! We provide unparalleled service.

Professional House Painting Sudbury MA

  • Whole House Painting Sudbury MA
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For Reliable, Experienced House Painting Call JK Painting Services Corp.

Our house painting experience includes new home construction painting to regular interior and exterior house painting. The job may vary, but what remains the same is providing customers with the highest standards of quality work and service.

A House Painting Company That Takes Pride In Every Aspect of The Job

All of our work starts out with our extensive preparation and ends with a best in class painting experience. We use the finest paint. brushes and materials, and we will paint any size home. We carry liability insurance, workers compensation and are licensed in Massachusetts.

Our first priority is to protect your home. Before we begin painting the interior of your home, we take the time to protect all of your belongings by covering all floors, moving furniture to the center and covering it, and removing switch covers.

In addition to interior painting we provide: wallpaper removal, drywall installation, plastering and house power washing. We can do everything from water damage repair, painting and staining of trim, prep of walls, light carpentry, and every form of finish paining.

Contact JK Painting Service today to request a detailed painting estimate, call 781.775.6651.

House Painting Sudbury MA
House Painting Sudbury MA
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